22 Long Rifle Bench Shooting


We are hoping to have a good year shooting 22LR bench rest again this year.  We will not shoot ARA this year as it did not do well last year.  We want to open our shoot to all members and enjoy the fellowship we had in the old days.  You can shoot any 22LR you want and enjoy the friendly competition.  We are considering a friendly competition where each shooter puts 1or 2 dollars in a pot and at the end of the day the shooter with the best score wins the pot.  We will shoot on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month.  But you can still practice and shoot any Saturday or Sunday  and after 5pm during the week when we are in daylight savings time.  We will start our shoots at 9am to begin with and if the weather warms up we may start at 8am.  I would like to have our first shoot the 2nd Saturday in March.  I would like to have a swap meet every now and then where you can swap ammo, guns, rests, or anything else.  Gary Flint will have a short talk on wind effect on the 22LR and maybe Jon Flint can talk to us about tuners one Saturday.  We want everybody to come out and have fun.  Bring the kids and if they shoot they will have to have someone supervise them.  Don't forget eye and ear protection as it is mandatory.  Let's make this year a good time for all.  We need to recruit some new people so pass the word.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me:

David Stehle 601-482-3748

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