Adopted November 1, 2008

The following rules and regulations were established for your safety, as well of the safety of others. The Meridian Shooting Club, Inc. Board of directors will not tolerate violation of these rules and regulations. You, as a member of the Meridian Shooting Club, Inc. are solely responsible for your actions and any actions of your family members and guest while on the property leased by Meridian Shooting Club, Inc. You as a member of the Meridian Shooting Club, Inc. should be aware of the surroundings at all times while on the range and should report violations to a member of the Board of Directors.
Members who have their membership revoked, either temporarily or permanently for a violation will be granted the opportunity to appear before a Meridian Shooting Club, Inc. Board of Director’s meeting to appeal the action of the Board.
        When on the range please remember your safety and the safety of others is the #1 objective of the Meridian Shooting Club, Inc and it board of Directors. The #2 objective is continuing to provide, now and in the future, a safe and attractive location where members can enjoy casual and competitive shooting. All members must sign the Membership Agreement and complete the Range Usage and Safety Course prior to the use of any Meridian Shooting Club, Inc facilities.

1. Range Hours
Shooting on the range will only be allowed from 7am until sunset on weekends when open. And during the week after 5PM only if Meridian Training Facility
Is not being use be Police or Fire Dept for training. Or other scheduled range activity’s. These dates will be posted on the Web Site or at the range. Shooting by
Artificial light will not be allowed

2. Member Badges
You must wear your member badge in a visible position when you are on the property leased by the Meridian Shooting Club, Inc. The only exceptions  are 
1) if you are actively engaging in an organized shooting program.
            2) you are on the range for work and / or meetings.
                 Do not give your member badge to another person. Replacement cost for a 
            lost badge is $10.00

3. Gate 
The Meridian Training Facility may closed the range for a specific reason. If you think this is in error call one of the board of directors to verify range closing. Use the Main Training Facility gate only. 

4. Shooting when Multiple Members are Shooting.
If a shooting match is in progress, the match will control the affected ranges and
Down range times. You should check with the Match Director before setting up and shooting. All firing will be done from the firing line, unless an organized event requires shooting from in-front of the firing line, or if shooting from a downrange position does not effect other shooters.

5. Target Placement and Height
      Target placement and height adjustment will be required as to cause the bullet to                           
             Impact nothing but the lower half of the berms after the bullet has passed through   
             the target. It is extremely important that you check you target placement and  
             before shooting.

6. Targets and Stands
Only target stands and sticks and Steel props are to be used to shoot at. Pallets
Drywall and boxes are not to be brought to the range to shoot. The Meridian Shooting Club, Inc has stands and stick and Steel props for all members to use. If any of this equipment is not useable, report it to a Club officer. Steel props, such as popper plates, may not be used for center fire rifles. These props are yours to use but must be engaged only with pistols or shotguns. Targets will be made of
paper ,cardboard, or steel. Glass targets and exploding targets will not be allowed.  
All Target stands will be return to the proper building after each use. The Meridian Shooting Club, Inc. assumes no liability if you elect to use any of the Club’s target, props, and stands, or other equipment. It is incumbent upon you to inspect and utilize the Club’s equipment safely.

7. Firearm, Ammunition, and Caliber Restriction.
No class 3 machine guns or bump firing, 50 BMG and cannons will be permitted. Shooting of
Tracers or flaming ammunition will not be allowed. The following calibers are allowed to be fired: rim fire, center fire, all black powder and any gauge shot gun or pistol. No illegal firearms are permitted on range. 

8. Minor Children Allowed to Shoot
If your minor (under 18) family or guest will be shooting, then you will not be allowed to shoot at the same time. All of your attention should be directed toward the minor to insure that their shooting is safe and enjoyable.   

9. Members Guest  
   Members are allowed to bring guest to the range. You are request to bring no more than three (1) guests at a time. No one guest will be allowed more than twice a year. You will be held responsible for the actions and any damage caused by your guest. You should require your guest to stay in your group and not wander off around the range property for safety and identification. Members will required the guest to sign a release form each time he attends the range with a member. 

10. Alcoholic Beverage 
The consumption of alcoholic beverage oe open containers will not be allowed on the range property while any portion of the range is open to shoot, whether you are shooting or not. Coming to the range in any intoxicated state will not be allowed.

11. Keep the Range Clean
Dispose of all trash into one of the trashcans located along the firing line. Fired shell casing and shotgun hulls must be picked up and taken home or thrown away. If you see trash on the range property, you should consider it your responsibility to pick it up and dispose of it properly. If possible , take your trash with you. You are responsible for a thoroughly cleaning the area in which you practice.

12. Range Usage and Safety Course   
Shall be completed prior to any usage of the range. If you have any questions or safety concern, Check in the Club log book to see it a Range Officer is on the range to speak with. Or call one of the Board members.   

13. You are Responsible for the Conduct of you Children.

14. Adoption of the National Safety Criteria
The safety rules and regulations as published, with addendums, by the National Rifle Association, United States Practical Shooting Association and National Sporting Clay Association are herby incorporated into the Meridian Shooting Club, Inc. Range Rules and Regulations as printed in their entirety.

15. Membership Agreement
              All new and past members must sign the Membership Agreement and complete
               the range Usage and Safety Course. The member badge must be worn in a                           
visible position when you are on the range. Your Meridian Shooting Club, Inc. is a family membership. The family membership included you, your spouse and / or unmarried dependent children. Other family members will be required to pay for their membership. You membership is a fiscal year, January 1 to December31. Membership is non refundable for any reason.

16. Hunting
No hunting is allowed on the property

17. Amendment to the Rules and Regulations:
The Board of directors of the Meridian Shooting Club, Inc. reserve the right to update and / or amend the Rules and Regulations as necessary. Updates and / or amendments to the Rules and Regulations will be posted on the Web Site and copies will be made available to all members.
18. Each member is required to attend 2 work days a year. This can be helping with
Club functions or range cleanup.

Ranges Are OPEN    -  Weekends